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Canadian Paintball

Paintball is possibly the most popular shooting sport in Canada. Welcome to the paintballing Canadian home on the web. We are soon to be a dealer of paintball guns, masks, tanks, hoppers, ammo and other paintball gear in Canada.

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Paintballing was invented in the 1970s and continues to grow and flourish today. Paintball can be subdivided into two main schools: tactical and tournament. Tactical paintball is generally large milsim outdoor games (though some are indoors) that feature military like objectives. There is an emphasis on camoflage and real-world tactics. Tournament paintball are small, fast, team based competitive games such as speedball.

We are going to be the number one source for paintball guns, masks, tanks, balls, hoppers and other accessories on the internet for Canadians.

We have a nearly limitless selection and a huge number of Categories to choose from.

PaintBall Guns / Markers:

Paintball guns or 'markers' as they are often referred to come in many makes, models and actions (and prices!). See the below list to narrow your search.

Paintball Tanks: Co2, Compressed Air, Disposable Canisters

Paintball Gear

Paintball Guns & Markers by Region

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Online Paintball Store Canada

We will be your online source for paintball in Canada. We will feature direct shipping to your door, specials, packages and many other deals to enchance your shopping experience. Welcome to Canada's online paintball marketplace.

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