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Canada Paintball Guns

Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in both Canada and the world. We will be the largest, cheapest and finest retailer of paintball guns in Canada.


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Paintball markets come in several different varieties, read this page for more info and shop for the best guns around.

About Paintball guns

Paintball guns send small, spherical paint balls down range at a velocity significant enough to "mark" the target with a splatter of paint. These guns are used primarily for the sport of paintball. Paintball was devised in the 1970s and has since become one of the leading new wave sports in Canada (more about paintball).

Paintball guns operate via two basic actions. Pump Action co2 & Continuous Compressed Gas. Pump Action guns fire very slowly and use disposable co2 bladders (normally reserved for airguns). These are generally cheaper, but vastly inferior to continuous air guns.

Continuous air Compressed Gas propelled guns use an attached tank of compressed high pressure air (HPA), Nitrogen, Propane, or carbon dioxide (co2) to fire each paintball at the target. These tanks are almost always refillable and come in many shapes and sizes.

Manufacturers of Paintball Markers

The number of manufacturers of Paintball guns has grow rapidly in recent years. Some of the "older" makers such as Spyder or Tippman, have been making good dependable guns for many years. However, there are many new great gun makers emerging. Below we have a list of each gun maker, some of the most popular paintball guns they make, and a brief blurb about the company. You can learn more about a particular gun or the maker by clicking their name.

Makers and Models

Major Manufacturers

We would like to be able to offer all of the below models of paintball guns for sale in Canada. Even with our best efforts, we will not be able to do that. Some have been discontinued and to stock this many guns would be nearly impossible!


Tippmann (often mispelled 'Tippman' or less often 'Tipman') is one of the oldest existing manufacturers of paintball guns. Established in 1980s (ancient in paintball terms).


Other Tippmann Models: 68 Carbine, 68 Special, 68 Special, 98 Custom, A-5, A-5 Stealth, C3, Custom 98, Custom 98 Seclusion 3D, Custom Pro ACT, Custom Pro ACT E, Custom Pro Basic, Custom Pro E, Custom Pro Response, Factory F/A, Flatline Barrel System, Mini-Lite, Model 98, Model 98, Pro/Am, Pro/Carbine, Pro/Carbine, Pro-Lite, Proshop 98 E, Proshop 98 Nitro, Proshop 98 Response, Proshop 98 Sniper, SL-68, SL-68 II, SMG-60, SMG-60 Series, SMG-68, Squad Buster

Rap4 "Real Action Paintball"

RAP4 is maker of civilian and military paintball equipment. They are concerned with serious paintball tactical simulations. This is why most of their guns look like real world firearm equivalents.

Kingman - Spyder

Kingman is the manufacturer of the extremely popular Spyder line of paintball makers and gear. The Spyder comes in standard.68 and .50 calibre models. They offer a wide range of paintball guns, packages and gear. Most of which are listed below.

Unabridged list of Other Kingman (older models, mostly Spyder variants): Kingman, Nexion Matte Blue, Raven Primal Black, Imagine Digital LED, Spyder 2000, Spyder Aggressor, Spyder Xtra, Spyder Aggressor XT, Spyder AMG, Spyder AMG LCD, Spyder Classic, Spyder Compact / Targa, Spyder Compact 2 in 1 Java, Spyder Compact 2000, Spyder Compact Deluxe Java, Spyder E-99, Spyder E-99 Avant, Spyder Electra ACS '05, Spyder Electra DX, Spyder Elite, Spyder Esprit, Spyder Fenix, Spyder Fenix ACS, Spyder Flash, Spyder Flash LCD, Spyder Imagine, Spyder Imagine '04, Spyder Imagine Select, Spyder Java, Spyder Mini, Spyder MR1, Spyder MR2, Spyder One, Spyder Pilot, Spyder Pilot ACS, Spyder Pilot ACS '05, Spyder Rodeo, Spyder Shutter, Spyder Shutter Java, Spyder Sonix 2001, Spyder Sonix 2005, Spyder Sonix Pro, Spyder Special Edition, Spyder Sport, Spyder TL, Spyder TL Plus, Spyder TL Plus Java, Spyder TL-R, Spyder TL-X, Spyder Victor, Spyder Victor II,



Stealth Covert ops

JT models: PROTIUM, QUADRA, TETRA, Dark Raider, Excellerator 3.0, Excellerator 3.5E, Excellerator 4.0, Excellerator 5.0, Excellerator 6.0, Protium, Quadra, Tac 5 Recon, Tac-5 Recon, Tac5 Recon Paintball Gun Camo, Tetra


Empire is yet another leading paintball manufacturer in North America. They are responsible for both "Empire" and "Battle Tested " Brands (see below).

BT Battle Tested

BT Paintball Design other models: BT 16 Field, BT 16 Tactical Paintball Marker, BT 4 Combat, BT-16 Elite, BT-16 Field, BT-16 Tactical, BT-4 Assault, BT-4 Combat, BT-4 Banshee, BT4 Pathfinder, BT4 SWAT


Dye makes a series of elite paintball markers. Their guns are intended for an upper echelon of paintball player. Maby of their guns are generally intended for serious, tournament style paintballers and command a large price tag. Some, though still good guns, are intended for the more budget conscious.



Other Makers

Lesser and/or discontinued makers

Some of the manufacturers below are much smaller, less popular makers of paintball markers. Some of them no longer exist! Our apologies if we have made any mistakes in this section, we try our best.

Paintball Gun Accessories

There are many different aftermarket parts and accessoires that can be purchased for different models and makes of paintball guns. There exists a variety of tanks that use different types of compressed gas and come in different volumes. Depending on the stamp on your tank and the age/material it is made of, your tank has a predermined life after which it has to be replaced.

Barrels are another popular item. A longer, higher quality barrel can translate into a huge accuracy and range bonus for just about any paintball gun. For instance, a stock Tippman Custom comes with a piddly innacurate barrel.

There also exist conversion kits which allow you to change the look of a paintball marker to look like many different real world guns.

Paintball Gun Canadian Online Store

Last but not least, we are going to be your resource for buying and selling paint ball guns, new or used online. It takes some time to set up a shop, so check back with us often.

We will be sorting certain areas of the shop as follows:

Cheap Paintball Guns

The intention of this section will be to provide decent, inexpensive paintball guns to the budget minded for under $150. In this day and age there is no reason you cannot play a good game of paintball with a gun that costs less than 150 (stocking it with paint and air is a different story). I think the bottom line here is, paintball is an expensive sport to play.