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Paintball Toronto

Canada's largest city, Toronto, Ontario is also the largest and most diverse location for paintball playing fields (indoor/outdoor), paintball gear and anything else you can think of.

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On this page we attempt to describe everything related to Toronto paintball.

Paintball Fields Toronto

There are multiple indoor fields in the city of Toronto. If you go out to the suburbs you can fine a wide variety of outdoor fields. Some of those we have listed below:

If you have a paintball field that we have not included, please contact us and we will put it up asap.


Paintball Gear Toronto

Paintball Stores Toronto

If you're looking for paintball shops in Toronto, then look no further than here! We will be an online store based near Toronto with ultra low shipping rates and pickup costs.

In the meantime, there are many paintball selling shops in TO. Badlands paintball is a chain that has several stores in the area. They and many other stores are a great source for